The type of tripod you bring ultimately depends on your intentions and which camera you have. If you're planning to just take photos and have a lighter set up...the chances are you won't need one. The lighting conditions are usually ideal for steady handheld shots.

Tripods come in all shapes and sizes for all budgets. The average user can get away with a simple tripod for less than $30. The more expensive the tripod..the lighter and more durable they become as well as their ability to handle heavier cameras and lenses. The more sturdy the tripod, the less susceptible they are to shake from the strong gusts of wind you experience in Antarctica. 

Who needs a tripod?

Anyone who plans to shoot ANY video. It's important to have a steady camera for video

Those with heavier cameras or longer focal length lenses.

If you plan to shoot definitely need one. 

Photographers attempting to shoot creative photos like long exposures

Who DOESN"T need a tripod

Casual photographers using a simple point and shoot

Anyone who doesn't fit into the category above =)


1) A cheap, simple, easy to use tripod that will get most casual shooters through their Antartica trip. Suitable for point and shoot cameras or phones. 
Click HERE to view Amazon Basics Tripod

2) Mini tripods are great to have with you. They are versatile in a lot of situations! 
This Manfroto mini tripod is very durable and I love the ball-head design

Click HERE to view Manfroto Mini Tabletop tripod 

3) Gorilla Tripods are awesome, especially if you're using a GoPro or small point and shoot. They come in different weight capacities so be sure to check the item description. Gorilla Pods are Great for vloggers who shoot selfie videos a lot too. 

Click HERE to view the JOBY Gorilla Pod with 3kg/6.6lb Capacity.

4) If you have a GoPro...this one is awesome. It's also great for a cellphone. It's a Selfie Stick with built in tripod feet and a remote. I use this A LOT when working in Antarctica and think everyone should have one. I like setting mine up for time-lapses with my GoPro
Click HERE to see the awesome SelfieStick Tripod

5) For $60, you really can't beat this tripod if you're looking to spend just a little extra to get A LOT more in quality and durability. Manfroto is a very well known name when it comes to tripods and this is my Go-To tripod for my $6000 worth of camera gear in Antarctica. If you're going to shoot a lot of may be a tad too flimsy but for photos/'s perfect for most DSLR/Mirrorless/Bridge systems. 

Click HERE to see the ULTIMATE Manfroto Travel Tripod

6) This is a BEAST tripod and is only needed for any serious video work. If you don't plan to shoot a lot of NatGeo/BBC level videos...don't bother. 

Click HERE to see the expensive, heavy duty tripod you probably don't need.