When it comes to memory cards, not all cards are created equal. 90% of modern day cameras come with an SD card. A few of the older entry level DSLR's used Compact Flash and some still do...but when you get your camera, just check the memory card slot and it should be labeled.

For the casual everyday shooter who doesn't need to shoot ultra high frames per second and doesn't want to break the bank...THIS SD CARD is all you need. Bring 3 or 4 with you to Antarctica just incase. 

I prefer to bring lots of 32gb cards instead of larger 128gb cards because if that one card fails, I'm likely out of luck. I also like to get back to the ship, drop the card in my computer for a file dump and take a new card out with me. This is helpful to make sure you won't lose any photos from previous outing until you know you've backed them up on the computer. It costs just a little extra, but well worth it the peace of mind. 

This 32gb SANDISK SD Card will do the trick for 90% of shooters out there. If you don't know that you need a higher end card...you likely don't. SanDisk also has a great recovery software available in the event of a corrupt card or accidental deletion. 

Click HERE to view 32gb SanDisk SD Card

If you shoot a lot of video or shoot in large RAW format, grab a few 64gb cards instead. 

Click HERE to view 64gb SanDisk SD Card

If you're camera shoots large RAWS and has a framerate of over 8FPS...You may want a faster card.

I stick to the SanDisk especially on Amazon because the cheaper option, Lexar...has always been fake copies when I order on Amazon. Normally what we look for is a UH-II indicator. Verify with your usual manual in inside the Memory card slot if your camera excepts a UH-II card.

Click HERE to view 64gb 300mb/s San Disk UH-II SD Card

Micro SD Cards are used in almost all Action Cameras including GoPros. If your phone offers expandable storage, it will accept a MicroSD Card. 

These are cheap enough, so get the biggest you can. If 4k Video you will need one rated U3 which I will link. My suggestion is never shoot 4k, because the storage is astronomical and you need a pretty heavy duty machine to even edit it. 1080p is fine for showing your friends and family. 

At $13 and $24 respectively at the time of writing this...the 64gb and 128g SanDisk High Endurance cards are fantastic. Check with your phone manufacturer before buying a card as they often limit expandable storage. 

Click here to view the SanDisk High Endurance MicroSD Cards U3